Sunday, October 21, 2012

Quilt Progress!

I had an important meeting yesterday so after the meeting, I worked on "Stash Happy" (I cannot call this quilt the "Vomit Quilt").  I now have two rows done with five more to do.  The entire quilt will have 1,375 stash 2.5 inch squares in it (not counting the solid squares).  The completed rows represent 365 squares and my bin is still overflowing (counting the solid squares, it has a total of 490 squares at this point).  I really didn't realize how much you can stuff into those small containers.  I am determined to use what I have already cut, since clearly, scraps can get way out of hand.

Today I plan to complete a couple of charity quilts.  I cut out 9 this morning and should complete at least half that many today.  I caught the sale at Joanne's and got a bolt of unbleached muslin for $30.00!!! It is the "old school muslin", not the 200 ct.  I am going to use it for dyeing and for backing quilts.  I really do like the "organic" (my new favorite word) of it in quilts as well.  I also picked up some more "minky" to back the charity baby quilts.  It makes the quilt so soft, and these quilts are for sick babies, so I think it will be like a warm hug to be wrapped in it. 

It is getting cool here and I don't like it!  I am a "hot house flower" and absolutely loved living in Florida.  I so wish sometimes I was still there, but I would be away from my Grands so (deep sigh!) I am trying really hard to make the best of it here in Middle TN (with varied degrees of success).   I can't help though still wishing I had the same support system I did there, but the telephone will have to do (shake myself out of my doldrums!) and my blog for conversation with others :c)!  I am a little home sick today!

Well, enough of this---no one is interested anyway.  So much going on---so much to do----and remember, I am on FALL BREAK, so I am going to try REALLY hard to get in some fun somewhere!  Have a blessed, safe Sunday, filled with love, laughter, good food and some quilting! 



  1. Patricia,
    This quilt pattern is also called Steps to the Altar, which to my mind, sounds nicer. I started one in the summer of 2011, but put it aside. You have inspired me to get it back out, and make some progress on it.

  2. I like the Scrap Happy name also. The other is just a turn off to could such lovely scraps made in to such a beautiful quilt be called "The Vomit Quilt"!!??? I will be starting on mine soon, have to get a couple things out of the way first. I have a large box of batik 2-1/2", I just may have to use them in this!
    Miss having you here too sis; it would be wonderful to pack up things & go for a weekend sew-in at your house whenever I wanted! LOL

  3. I poured my 2.5" squares into a popcorn tin this weekend and it was over half full! I definitely feel a Scrap Happy quilt in the future. Be well. Lane


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