Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Sleepless Night!

I often have problems sleeping.  If I am worried about something or even looking forward to something, I can't sleep.  Classes will start next week, but faculty returned this week.  I will have a very busy week everyday, including Saturday, which would normally be a time I could catch my breath.  Today and tomorrow will be particularly hard since I chair a committee that has some really hard decisions to make specific to student retention.  Not an easy task!  I am also feeling rather pensive and have some decisions to make personally----all in all, a not very creative time for me.

I have been up since 2:00 AM and what do you do when you can't sleep----either sew or play on the computer.  I can't sleep, but I am really too tired to handle a rotary cutter :D, so I am at the computer.  I see that a lot of bloggers are choosing a "Word of the Year".  Interesting---never done it before but it is a novel idea.  I read "The Chitlin Circuit" often (see my side bar) and Karoda has a word that I think is a good one for me as well---particularly given the events that are presenting themselves to me.  The word is DISCERNMENT.  It means to catch sight of; recognize; and understand.  I think that will be my word since for me it is appropriate for almost every aspect of my life, be it quilts, job, friends, children etc.   So that will be my word!  I will keep you posted on it's appropriateness.

On the quilting front---not much going on!  I have finished another block on the Craftsy BOM.  I want to do a little commercial for the "Steady Betty" again---wonderful tool!  My blocks have never been this square.  I finished quilting one of the baby quilts.  I am not going to be able to attend Guild this Saturday because of work, but I hope to have several done including binding and will start turning mine in.  Another goal I have is fulfill my commitments in advance----less stress for me.

Not much else to say.  Will post pictures later.   xoxo


  1. I think this time of the year is when we all get alittle pensive, thinking of all the issues that face us for the upcoming year. Mine==includes all the issues with work, getting the budget in line which may include laying off some people. It is never a good time for this to happen, but especially now when the economy is so tentative.
    We should have texted each other! I couldn't sleep well the last 2 nights & we could have talked! xoxox

  2. I typically endure insomnia when the seasons change and always wake up at least once during the night but my daughter has been dragging me to the Y and the 40 minutes on the treadmill has me sleeping through the night. In fact I'm heading to bed in a bit and its not even midnight!

    hangeth in there with all you have going will be spring before we know it and we'll be enjoying more daylight hours!


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