Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Adventures!

I have to honestly say I have enjoyed this time off more than I have in a very long time.  I have given myself no real deadlines.  Haven't worried so much about the condition of the house---it looks like people live here---not chaotic, but not pristine either.  I have tried to sleep late---even take a couple of naps, have spent time playing "Words with Friends" and I am revitalized!  Faculty report to work on Monday for meetings, and I will miss my free time, but "oh well".

I have really done quite a lot of quilting, although I am not sure I have accomplished a lot.  I did finish one quilt top---pictures later and completed Diane's quilt (I will mail it today). 

For some reason Blogger is not allowing me to upload pictures so I will describe what I have done thus far.

  • Began the 2012 Craftsy BOM and have completed three blocks.  I am keeping to my commitment of using fabric I already have and it is really looking nice.  I am using my Kaffe and Kaffe-type prints so it will be very bright.  At this point the blocks are not complicated and so it is stress-free.  There are three  that involve applique and so would stress me a lot, so I am NOT going to do those.  I have chosen a couple of blocks that I will use instead.
  • Began the 2013 Craftsy BOM and I have completed the January blocks.  It looked as if you could move ahead, and I tried and got a cute disclaimer "no fair cheating".  I am using my 30's scraps for this quilt.  A totally different look!  It is interesting since the host of this BOM is one of the author's of the book that got this quilting adventure started for me "Quilt's, Quilts, Quilts".  I still use that book as a resource and go back to it often to get information or get directions to do something.  Again, this BOM isn't really complicated---many blocks I have done before, but again, it is nice to not have anything complicated.

  • Decided to also join the 2013 Skill Building BOM (see my sidebar).  I am anticipating that there will be some new things I haven't tried in this one.  I am using my hand dyes so not only will I learn something new, but hopefully "bust some stash".  It doesn't start until the 17th.

  • Still working on the String Spider Web quilt. I am not sure why it is taking me so long, but it is a bit more tedious as a string quilt since I have to create the center. I have about 12 more blocks to go, so it is over 75% completed.

  • Put the binding on one of the baby quilts I will donate to the Guild Charity and almost completed quilting another one.
All in all, a busy three days!  What have you been up to?

NOTE:  I will edit this post with pictures as soon as the blogger issue is resolved.

NOTE AGAIN: Other Bloggers were having the same problem so I followed the advice of another and used the HTML tab to upload pictures. More time consuming but it works.


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  1. Yeah!! Good to see the blocks...can't wait to start on mine. I'm having compouter problems so trying to resolve that issue, along with cable problems in the sewing room. So not much sewing going on right now. Hoping to get started sometime tomorrow on sewing something...having some serious withdrawal symptoms!! Hugs...


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