Sunday, March 18, 2012


My DGS is playing a baseball tournament all day and the DH is coaching, so Coal and I are going to be alone all day!!!! I spend an awfully lot of time alone actually---sometimes it is lonely---most of the time I enjoy the opportunity to quilt. I stay inside so much, some days I just take a shower and put on a clean pair of pj's and quilt away!----my idea of wonderful!!!

I am working on two projects. I continue to quilt "Lemonade" using my CL. It is truly slow going! I broke my pinkie toe several weeks ago and although it doesn't hurt as bad, it is still uncomfortable to stand for a long time--so I will quilt for a while, and then sit down and work on a quilt for a while. I also have to run up and put laundry in, take it out, pile it on the pool table where I will fold it tonight as I watch some television (love that pool table) I am getting some exercise.

From the quilting, you can see I am quilting concentric circles in different sizes on the quilt. I have missed the starting point a couple of times, and it is still not quite as random, but for a first time on a large quilt, it is pretty good. I have decided that I will use this as my travel quilt. One of my sons worked a part-time job cleaning airplanes, and based on the stories he has told, everyone should carry their own quilts (blankets), pillow and a packet of Clorox wipes. Since the circles on this quilt are rather large and the backing if flannel (aren't the owls cute), this will be a great "plane" quilt.

Well, have a wonderful Sunday. The sun is shining and it looks really pretty outside. I will get a bit of it when I take Coal out, but for now, I am content to look out the window!


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  1. Circles are looking great! And I love the backing fabric --- it's a hoot! ROFL (OK I just couldn't resist that one! :-) )
    That will make a good one to use on a plane and riding in the car. We always packed a quilt where we'd have something to use as a pillow if we needed it.
    Not much longer now till April & Paducah! Yeah!!!


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