Friday, March 16, 2012

Checking In!

Good Morning All!!!!!

I am still around---just have been very busy. I had another health scare with yet another son--but the operative word here is SCARE! He is so much better---but his problem came about because he was doing what he was suppose to do---taking his meds. Moral of story---be sure and insist that even though you are taking meds as prescribed, that your physician is doing the appropriate blood work to determine the therapeutic levels and you aren't getting sicker from your "cure".

On the quilting front----I have loaded my "Making Lemonade" Quilt. I am doing concentric circles which is taking a LOT of time. I am a little unsatisfied since it doesn't look random enough, but I am making it to use as a travel quilt, so it will be okay! Also been doing lots of cutting getting ready for the guild retreat. I am like most quilters, probably taking more than I will even be able to work on, but better more than not enough.

I am so looking forward to April though. There is the retreat and then there is AQS and my visit from Diane. We have too much fun and it is so nice to have someone that you share so much with. Not only is she fun, but she can give me the "attitude adjustment" that I need so much right now :c)! My DH is looking forward to her visit because that is the only time he gets homemade chicken and dumplings!

Well, gotta go--would you believe that I have a early morning Friday meeting!!!! The nerve :c)! Pictures to follow with my progress! Have a great Friday!


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  1. Tell the kiddos no more scares!! We definitely do not need any of those!
    I have the countdown clock going and believe me, it isn't going fast enough! LOL I'm ready for a good "girl" week, lots of laughing and just plain fun!! And tell dear husband that we'll do dumplings early in my stay this time so that don't end of getting nixed completely! :-)
    Can't wait to see the Lemonade quilt (which is what I think you need to call this one).


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