Saturday, April 21, 2012

Now There Are 20!!!!!

Good Morning!!!!!

Making these blocks really is a little like eating potato chips---I can't just make one!  I am now half done!  It is my plan to make enough for a queen size quilt.  I am going to set them on point so I think I will need about 38 but I will make 40.  I wasn't going to add a sashing between the blocks, but now I am rethinking that.  The sides are all on bias and I think that the sashing will add more stability.  In addition, because I will need to meet seams, I am more likely to stretch and have a "balloon" in the middle of my quilt if I try to not use sashing.  Since the sashing will also be white, I think it will give the blocks the effect of floating!  In looking at my fabrics I am using, again as I mentioned I don't have a tremendous amount of variety, but I still think it is looking good.  After all it is a scrappy quilt, and I am NOT going to obsess about it!

Just 4 more days until Diane gets here and then the fun begins!  I am making my lists and then re-doing them trying really hard to be mindful of the relatively small amount of spending money I do have.  It is funny, when we went to our first show, we were so excited, we really did a lot of spending without keeping in mind the use or at least OUR use of the object.  I still have tools in my quilt room that I look at and say "why".  We have gotten much more discriminating in our purchases and act as a "stop and think" for each other.  I am still a sucker for rulers and gadgets though, and although the purchase of my GO! and Sizzix have curtailed that a bit, I still can't help myself!  At any rate, I just enjoy the energy you get from the beautiful quilts, other quilters,  the great vendors and the strawberry short-cake!

Well, gotta ready the house for Diane!  Have a great week-end and thank you so much for stopping by!  

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  1. I am liking the look of these blocks. Hopefully some of the scraps I'm bringing to you can be used. I saw a book in Michael's this afternoon about Granny Squares. Had to stop myself from buying it! LOL
    Since it is after the time I will be getting there on Tuesday, I can say "only 3" more days!!!!


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