Sunday, April 15, 2012


Isn't this pretty! This was one of the breakfast dishes we had. I just thought the presentation was so pretty---lots of color variation and textures----and it was good!
I got back from the second annual Zuri Retreat yesterday. The purpose of a retreat is to first of all, enjoy the fellowship of like creative spirits; eat lots of good food; quilt; eat; quilt; laugh; and of course enjoy surroundings that you don't have to clean up, don't have to wash dishes and can just generally enjoy doing what you like to do. This retreat met all of those (at least my) objectives.
Of course I was in such a rush to get ready, I forgot my camera. These pictures were taken with my phone but I should have taken more. We had wonderful thought provoking conversations, that did get loud at times (good thing we were the only guests) but isn't that what happens when a group of very creative (and opinionated) spirits get one got angry or took anything personal, so there was no pressure or hidden meaning in the volume of our conversation. We laughed as well, and I went home with a better perspective on a lot of subjects. I think I will submit myself as a possible guest for "Meet the Press"---I am even more convinced that I could shed some light on some of the problems we are facing just from the conversations we had.
I did get some quilting done (I didn't go to bed one night until about 1:00 AM which is really late for me). The picture above is of a quilt I saw on the web---there was no mention of the designer, and it was a small wall hanging. I got out the EQ and redrew it making it queen size. I got it about 50% finished and it is comprised of MY own hand dyes. There isn't a real variety (per se) since I only used what I had on hand---so it is a scrap quilt. I plan to quilt it with one of my new CL templates and think it will turn out pretty good.
I also worked on some "Granny Squares". I have about 8 done with probably 80 more to go. I am not going to sash them----and since they are finishing about 9 inches AND I only do big---this project will take a little bit. I am determined to use what I have, so although they will not be quite as color coordinated as others, I still think they will look nice.
The DH and GS are at another baseball tournament so Coal and I are left on our own. More quilting awaits me. Have a blessed and productive Sunday!


  1. Breakfast looks yummy! And the quilt looks great!! Love it with hand dyes -- a truly different look from the one I saw on the internet.
    Sounds like it was another successful retreat...a lot of fun, laughs and inspiration!
    Only 10 days to Paducah....

  2. That quilt is fabulous...the colours are so vibrant and rich!


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