Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Quilting Finish---

I finished quilting this quilt last night. It is a pattern from the Moda Bake Shop although my rows are vertical rather than horizontal. I used the Circle Lord Baptist Fan pattern board. I had a couple of "oops" but all in all, not bad for a first time. I am debating rather I want to block this quilt before binding it since it is white and I notice a couple of soiled (very little) spots. I will put it aside and see. I love the backing! I purchased it last year during AQS---didn't really have a quilt in mind but liked the interesting color and pattern. I once worried about purchasing fabric without a quilt in mind, but have decided to trust myself. I ALWAYS can find a quilt that is perfect for that piece of fabric. I am working really hard to use from my stash since AQS is coming up again, and although I will use restraint, I know I will be adding to my stash!

The Guild Retreat is coming up this week-end. I have put together a couple of projects to work on and can't decide whether I should take 3 or 2. I am known for a short-attention span, but will probably only take 2. Hopefully I can get at least one top completed. I sorta designed this quilt myself (with the help of EQ6). I saw it on the Pinterest site but it didn't have a name or anything and it was a little wall hanging (at least it looked like it). I enlarged the basic idea to a queen size, used my own hand dyes and will put it together. It has been a lot of chatter about copyright issues, so I am almost afraid to post it here. Most definitely though I will not give directions and as I said am using my own fabrics. I will have to "noodle" on that a bit.

At any rate, I am all set---sorta. I will oil my machine, and pack my quilty stuff probably tonight or tomorrow. Since it is a retreat, I don't have to worry about clothes per se, but rather than sit around in my pj's, I guess I need to at least bring sweats.

Well, got some work to do. Just wanted to check in. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love what the quilting did for the top and I love that backing fabric, too. Enjoy the retreat. How nice it would be to just get away and sew with a bunch of like minded people. Lane

  2. Ooh, this is lovely, Patricia! Well done! Love those fans!

  3. This turned out wonderful! I love the "stacks" of fabric snips--does remind me of stacks of fabrics in our 'favorite' quilt store!! LOL The fans set it off. Someone once told me if you have a lot of straight forward sewing in a top, then you need something with motion to set them both off. Guess that concept is right this time!
    Have fun at the retreat. I won't be home till Sat so will have to talk to you Sunday sometime.
    Hugs, Diane
    PS I won't question your fabric buying again! You know I silently went "yuck" to the backing fabric-just wasn't me. But it looks fantastic with this quilt.


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