Tuesday, May 1, 2012


 Well, my "Sister", Diane left this morning!  Headed back to sunny Florida!  I am lonely already---back to solitary sewing, talking to myself about the right color, work, making myself happy!  I can do it---I can and I will.  We had loads of fun!  and already I am looking forward to next year.  She left quite a few quilts for me to quilt, and so I will have fun doing those and using some of the new panto's I got at AQS.  As I quilt each one, it will be a walk down "memory lane" recalling our fun!  Okay Patricia----enough of the "pity party".

She usually brings lots of gifts and this visit was no exception.  This is just one of her gifts----a box of 30's.  I really wasn't originally a 30's girl, but the colors are so bright and cheerful.  This box contained a lot of really nice ones including some that are no longer available.

This is a batch of 2.5 inch strips I cut from them.  The picture really doesn't indicate how many I have.  I found this really neat pattern in one of my books of an antique quilt that I am going to reproduce.  The white fabric on the side will be the background.  I am going to get started and make a "sample" to see how it goes.  I really can't start on it yet since I want to finish my "Granny's"---my new rule I will try to adhere to---finish at least one project prior to beginning another.  I am also going to load one of Di's quilts.  I may not be able to start quilting it since I have some "real" work to do first, but at least I will be ready.

Pinning is Friday and graduation is Saturday and then the summer semester begins, so I have some busy time ahead.  I am so glad I got a couple of days of fun so I can reflect on that when things get a bit "over the top".  Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


  1. So glad you had a wonderful time with your sister!! We are all hear to "talk" to!! Love those 30's! Can't wait to see your project.

  2. Well, I finally got home after 8 pm. A very long day for sure! Is it time to go back yet??!! I love the time Sis and I get to spend playing at our hobby -- it's a good thing the conversations are not recorded! People would think we are certified for sure!!
    Can't wait now to start on some of the quilts we thought up--what a fun time I had!! Hugs!

  3. I got home Tues evening and the only bag I have unpacked is my dirty clothes! I sit for a little bit in my recliner when I get home looking at the other suitcase bulging with goodies! LOL From what I have scheduled thru the weekend, it will be Sun afternoon before I can unpack it and play! LOL


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