Monday, May 14, 2012

Dye Season Is Here!!!

I dyed a total of about 20 yards in addition to some odd (I don't like to waste dye) pieces this past week.  12 of the yards were for a friend and the above were left over and what I will add to my stash.  The colors are great, although they look more washed out in the picture!  I am going to dye more in the next couple of weeks and will post pictures of them as well.

On the quilting front, I have been working on a couple of the quilts that Diane left for me to quilt.  I am so critical of myself and on first look, I wasn't pleased, but then when I looked at them a little closer I think it's okay.  The same old nervousness comes when I am quilting for others, even a good friend like Diane.  I get so anxious and tense and as a result, the process becomes much harder than it should be.  The good thing about quilting these for her---the more I do them, the easier I anticipate it will become.  In addition, she isn't critical at all and even though I may not be especially pleased, unless I just really mess up, she doesn't give me a "hard time".

I have a couple of quilts in the works.  I just have to work it out more in my head so hopefully I will have something to share within a couple of days.  Had a great Mommie's Day----with a delish brunch with the two children who live here and my grandbabies.  It was fun---lots of laughter, joking, food and everyone was happy!  A good day!  The only one who was particularly unhappy was Coal who had to be left alone.


  1. Those colors came out fantastic!! I can see them in so many of the quilts we've been talking about. The colors remind me of sherbert ice cream flavors -- just too yummy looking!
    As for quilting for me, I know it'll be a fantastic job even if you don't think it is! So don't stress!!! :-)

  2. Your fabrics are tempting me...I am setting aside June, July, and August to pull out the dyes and to loose myself in surface design techniques. Do you have something specific in mind for these fabrics?

  3. Ummm. What wonderful hot colors this year. I'm with you on being too critical. I'm making a gift and up to a certain point, the more I did, the worse it got. But, I kept telling myself that by the time I finish, you won't see the mistakes. I keep telling and telling and telling myself that. Take care Glad you enjoyed Mother's day! Lane


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