Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Quilt

I really like zig zag quilts!!!  I have made one from my hand dye scraps, so when I saw this on the Moda web site I wanted to try it.  It is made differently however.  The first one was made with triangles---this one is made from two jelly rows and a charm pack.  The  "Crazy Mom Quilts" blog owner, Amanda Nyberg is the creator of this method, which although simpler, can be confusing.  You really have to pay attention---I have had to unsew a couple of rows.  The pattern results in either a horizontal pattern quilt or a vertical one.  I am making the vertical one since the size is larger.  This will be one of the Christmas gifts for our youngest son---very "organic" like----less is more type thing.  Doesn't it look very graphic and modern?!?  I think I will do a really tight water mark stipple in grey.  I am enjoying this one, but you definitely need a design wall for this pattern!

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  1. Love it! the black & grey is really striking. Alot of possibilities for this one!


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