Sunday, May 27, 2012

Planting the "Crops"!

I have been reading blogs (Lane, Judy, Melody) and so many of you have beautiful gardens!  I love flowers and I have visions of me walking in "my" garden with a big summer hat, a soft fluttery dress, enjoying the "genteel life".    So what is the problem, I gotta tell you, I do not like the hot work it takes to make those beautiful gardens :c)!!!!   The other side to that truth is that I cannot afford to have a gardener to help (less money to buy fabric with you know), and I have a husband who would plow up the yard, pour concrete and paint it green!  The outside is not for him!  so if I want to have flowers, guess who has to do it.

I am also a "old school girl" and believe that today's children do not understand the "natural" way.  They are so accustom to going to grocery stores and buying veggies, or worst yet, getting a can of something,  they don't understand the concept of "growing your food" and few people cook from "scratch" anymore.   Flowers are a little different since most houses have flowers in front, but I feel (maybe it is wishful thinking), that the process of taking care of something and seeing it respond to that care is important in their growth and development.

My kids tease me because when I decide on a project, I "go full force" to make it a reality!  Last year I didn't have any flowers on the deck.  Life got in the way, but this year I decided not only to have flowers, but to plant veggies.  I am afraid of snakes though and other "creepy-crawlies" so planting in the ground!!!!!  Please!!!!!!.  You can see from the pictures that I have  a forest in my back yard so the chances of snakes coming  are great!  Anyway, to make a long story short----they have ways now to plant veggies without actually putting them in the ground!!!!!

Since I am NOT going to plow up my yard and have a "real" veggie garden, I looked for an "easy" way to grow "food for our table".   Tomato plants----designed for containers!!!!!!!!!!  I have no idea what kind, but they are red and  looked good on the tag.  I absolutely LOVE tomatoes----plus the grand babies will really enjoy the process of seeing them grow and "harvesting" them (I know I will anyway)!  I planted three tomato plants (a "3 for" sale).

 My pepper plant.  It will be a yellow pepper (you can buy green ones in the market)!  Again, the process of growing seems like fun to me!

 The plants already have blooms on them, so the fruit has already started.  Such fun.  You wet the container, tear away the bottom (drop it in the planting pot) and then plant the container and all in the pot!!!  "Who A Tunk It!"

I also think Daisy's are such pretty flowers, so I had to have at least one container of Daisy's.  I worked all day in the yard and for me that is something, since I do NOT like to sweat (or "glisten" as southern girls say).  So after 8 hours, and four bags of gardening soil, and a nosebleed (I think I got too hot),  I have done all the initial yard work this season, including put in roses and four large containers of flowers (in addition to the deck garden).  I will post pictures later, but it is too hot to go out front and take pics.  The remainder of the day will be set to clean up inside and try to get a little quilting done!

Have a blessed Sunday!!!!  Thanks so much for stopping by!  AND my grand children are going to enjoy this, no matter what!!!!!!!!!  :c)

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