Saturday, December 8, 2012

It My Birthday!!!!

Today is my birthday!!!!!!!  As with most people, I reflected on my life to this point, and although I have had some really difficult times, "I am blessed and highly favored"!.  The bad times I have had, have all been overshadowed by the good---so what have I to complain of?   NOTHING!!!  Things could be so much worst, plus getting old is pretty good, since the opposite of getting old is ---- dying young!

My daughter took my husband and two grandchildren out to a really good dinner.  I got a large gift certificate to Joanne's and two Pandora charms for my bracelet.  Kids called and wished me well and told me how much they loved me---it was a good day!

I also finished quilting "Gallimaufry"!  I used Til-fil bobbins in the machine and I had absolutely NO problem with tension!!!!  The back looks as good as the front.  These bobbins are a bit pricey---almost $1 per bobbin, but I ordered some!  Sometimes it is worth the money to not have to worry and fiddle with knobs.  Hopefully the new ones will work as well!  The quilt hasn't been trimmed yet but hopefully you can see the texture the quilting gave it.  I also have a picture of the back---a soft quilters flannel.  This quilt is heavy (!), I am so glad I got poly batting since cotton would have been almost too much to even lift, yet along sleep under.  This is going to be saved for really cold nights.

Tomorrow I plan to pull out a UFO---with hopes of finishing it before years end!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Happy Birthday Patricia! You quilt is really pretty.

  2. I'm a day late for your birthday and I hope you are still celebrating (I extend mine as long as possible). Hope you are having a wonderful time. Love the scrap quilt too.

  3. Happy Birthday! Glad it was splendid.

  4. I know I called yesterday but Happy Birthday again to my sis!! I just love the quilt and the quilting. Was the pattern from one of the circle lords patterns or did you do it free motion? You got that one done fast!!!!
    Many hugs to you now and over the year. I hope this will be your best year yet!!! Love you lots...

  5. Patricia, I am so glad you had a good birthday. I wish I'd read blogs, just so I could have wished you well on the special day, but today will have to do. Still love the quilt. Lane


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