Friday, December 7, 2012


83 x 97

I decided to not add the bottom border---it is large as it is and an added 7 inches would make it weird in size (the pictures really don't show the real size)----a total of 2,009 squares (and I still have some left in the container). I really love it!!!  I was able to line the squares up in the border really well with those in the body. Doesn't it look like pixels in the photo.  I am going to load it later today and then quilt it.  I am going to get a poly batting since I don't want it to crinkle when I wash it---too many seams I think---and will bind it in the bright turquoise.   I have also changed the name to "Gallimaufry" (gal-uh-maw-free), a noun that means jumble/hotchpotch.  It is a word I found while reading blogs this morning.  It seems an appropriate name.

I have also been testing out my embroidery machine.   My grandchildren spend Christmas Eve with us in anticipation for an early Christmas morning.  All of them who are in town stay including the college age one.  They get new Christmas pj's and I make them a pillowcase.  Yesterday I made three pillowcases designated for the girls...the boys will get theirs made this week-end.  They don't photograph well because of the cuff fabric (a red and white stripe), but I think you get the idea.  Instead of a contrasting little band, I used rick-rack.  The boys will have a red piping on theirs.  I love my machine---the embroidery is really great---it is bright green to match the fabric (which is m and m's).  Cute huh!  They look a little crooked in the picture---and maybe they are---but guess who isn't going to lose sleep over it. 

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  1. Love them all -- quilt and pillowcases! You have been a busy, busy girl!! Is the top heavy with the number of squares/seams that it has? Like the rick rack on the pillowcases; I've thought of that a couple times, but just haven't tried it. Will definitely on the next batch to do.


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