Sunday, November 11, 2012

Random Thoughts!

I wrote in an earlier post acknowledging that this is not my most favorite time of year.  Fall has always been a time of change and reflection for me.  It might be because during Fall everything is sorta fading and folding on itself to "sleep" for the winter.  It is also my birthday, so I am always reflective.

My birthday is in December.  As a child growing up, I never got a birthday gift.  It was too close to Christmas and my Daddy would always remind me that I would get something extra for Christmas.  I never quite understood, since I didn't choose my birthday, therefore, why should I not have it recognized.  We have a son who's birthday is even closer to Christmas than mine, but we have always made a special attempt to celebrate it.  Anyway I digress----I was thinking about my birthday and remembering when I would say at 10, "gee, I will double my age at 20"; at 20 I said, I will double my age at 40, etc.  I now realize I will not likely double my age---people just usually don't live to be that old.  In thinking about that, I naturally thought about my life as it is today, and what I had hoped it would be at this age.

I had hoped  be in a stable, caring marriage---I am, we have been married so long, we actually can read each other's mind with a simple look.   My health is pretty good, and sometimes I actually have to think a minute before I say how old I am, since I don't look it nor feel it.   All our children are all taking care of themselves very well.  They are well educated, and usually quite nice people---although they certainly have their moments.  No one is in jail, or hiding out from the authorities so I am good there.   My grandchildren are absolutely wonderful, beautiful/handsome and love me as much as I love them.   I have a very rewarding job, although exhausting at times (but what job isn't).  I can honestly say what I do is important and that I am truly changing lives not to mention teaching students who will ultimately save the lives of others.  In addition, I am really good at my job, so I feel rewarded.  I live in a safe neighborhood (about as safe as any I suppose), with the majority of neighbors who are kind and friendly.  My home is nice and accommodates me and my grandchildren well.  There is even a room dedicated to my art of quilting!!!!!  I could use more money, since my art can be expensive; and more time to spend just doing what I want.  I wish I had a wider support system of friends who would drop by or invite me over, but having said that, I am not "friendless" either, just "close friendless" (here anyway).

I say all this to say, people so often spend so much time complaining about what they don't have, what they should have done, what they can't do-----particularly as they get older, they don't stop to think about what they DO have, what they have done and what they will do.....then it is too late.  I plan to try as hard as I can to double my age (and have fun doing it) but I am truly "blessed and highly favored" today.

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