Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random Thoughts!

I really enjoy reading other blogs--I often get new information, and always enjoy reading about the "quilting adventure" of others.

It is true that we are more alike than different--but I find that quilters share even more "traits". For instance---many of us are nurses or in some type of "caring" or service field. I wonder if the "nurturing" genes we share translate to our joy in making quilts, since they have always been associated with caring. There is nothing more nurturing than to wrap up in a warm quilt when you are feeling sad, sick or even happy for that matter.

We also are usually involved in other "hand crafts". Knitting seems to be a common thread among quilters. I find that many of us use knitting as an alternative craft---I do as well. I certainly aren't as good as some of you are--and since I am self taught, I hold my needles very differently, and knit much slower. I really enjoy it and decided that I would pick my needles up again (I have lots!--) and have started a pair of socks---see picture. I bought some sock yard at Joanne's and although I am slow, I am doing pretty good. I have made socks before--for GD#1 when she was little, so I pulled out the "learn how" book and it is beginning to come back. My DH doesn't quite understand why I am knitting socks when I can buy an entire pack at Wally Word for less than the cost of yarn---but then that is another story.

We also have pets---most often cats---but quite a few of us have dogs. Again this shows our nuturing spirit...and of course, I don't think you could find a nicer, more helpful group of individuals. Just go to a quilt shop or anyplace that sells fabric and ask a general question....or stand in line at a cutting table and strike up a general conversation... or go to a quilt show. I enjoy those encounters as much as I enjoy the quilts.

Well---I absolutely must clean the house a bit. I have become quite lax---I would much rather be quilting. Say---this is probably something else we all share....NOT spic and span homes!!!!!



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  1. Yes, it's all those common threads that truly bind quilters together! I'm not a knitter (tried and failed - LOL) however I am a needleworker and love to do hand embroidery. I was a x-stitcher for many, many years. And, I get super excited when I have binding to do on a quilt. Yes, I know - I must be nuts!


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