Saturday, February 7, 2009

I AM getting Visitors!!!!!

I know the purpose of a Blog has absolutely nothing to do with how many people visit, but it is still nice to know that others might be interested.

I finally figured out how to put up one of those really nice layout's. In doing so however, I wiped out my visitor counter. In putting it back, I discovered the "manager" and in investigating, discovered that I really have had quite a few visitors!!!!! Although the number was increasing, I thought it still might be counting me---since I visit a lot in one setting (I always forget something, or inadvertently wipe something out). At any rate, I will not pay attention to the number of (or lack of) comments--and THANKS for visiting.

Today is going to be a beautiful day---in the 60's, maybe even in the 70's. I have already given myself "permission" to quilt today by doing a bit of housework already! Since it is going to be a nice day, I may even get out a bit!---although I really do like to quilt, even when the sun is shinning bright!

Hopefully I will have some pics to show of my progress! Have a great "quilty" day!!



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  1. Hi Patricia,

    There is a way to say your counter where it does not count YOUR visits. You will need to go into the "management" section using your password, and then you can select that option. I don't remember exactly what it was, but if you have difficulty let me know and I will go back and check it out so I can give you exact directions.


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