Monday, February 2, 2009

I AM going to keep this blog current!!!

I almost didn't post tonight. I still haven't gotten the counter fixed where it doesn't count my visits, so it doesn't look like I get many visitors. As such, I am tempted to not be so dilligent, no one is reading anyway, right---but then I promised I was going to follow through, since once I stop, it is hard for me to get started again. Plus, my kids may in fact be reading this--right!

So what went on today----I had clinicals today, not much going on, but it was this group of students first day in the clinical area (OB) and I think they enjoyed it. We really weren't very busy, so we left about 30 minutes early.

Since we left early I got home early---in time to quilt a bit. Yes, I broke my "sorta" promise and have started a new project. I got all 48 blocks made for my latest project, the "Mixtape Quilt" and put the first two rows together. I am making the twin size, but it is a "large" twin, so I might be able to use it on my Queen size bed even---not as a spread, but certainly to keep warm. I am using a non-traditional fabric for the sashing and border----ticking. The prints for the blocks are Kaffe prints that I have been saving for a special project. I do love his fabric patterns---really bright and color combinations you'd never think off. The quilt looks really interesting with the bright colors and navy/white ticking. The strips are horizontal in the sashing, but I will have them vertical between the rows. All in all, a neat quilt (I think, hope it will not be too "busy"). The ticking isn't real heavy so the quilt shouldn't be overly heavy. I may use a poly batting since cotton does add weight, although I really think the shrinkage that will happen when I wash it will also make the quilt look great. We'll see, if I can get a thin cotton batting then I will go for that. I got a really pretty grey floral for the backing (I mentioned that in an earlier post) so I am a bit excited about it.

I will work on the hexagon quilt tomorrow and do some quilting---myfreehand baptist fans are looking a little better, but it is slow going for me.

No pics this time. I will take some tomorrow of a couple of the quilt blocks.



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