Friday, February 6, 2009


I had a productive day today! I finished my "work" work!--and then later worked on my Guild challenge. Of course, it isn't coming together as easily as I thought it would---my quilts never do....but I am forging on. I have probably completed about 1/3 but after getting a headache---decided I would stop for the night.

I worked on the quilt I am quilting. I did a good job with the thread choice after all. Although you can see it on the black border, it really blends well in the center---so well that I have a hard time seeing my previous quilting and in a couple of places found I was quilting over previously done work. Oh well, since I can't see it---no one else will either. I have to feel this way since I am NOT frogging it out. I will try to really concentrate and work on it only tomorrow and finish it. Hopefully I will have a picture soon!



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