Friday, February 27, 2009

Random Thoughts (Again)!

Nothing really new happening---I worked on my Kaffe/Strip Quilt and almost have it quilted. I did hit a real milestone---I figured out how to adjust my tension on the LA. I had terrible tension on the back, but the front was I got out the book and found that if the tension is bad on the back--it is the intermittent tension that is too loose. So I tightened, and then tightened again and voila---much better! I was told that the learning curve on a longarm (Premier--non-stitch regulated) is a bit steep. I am finally (I think) getting the "hang" of it.

I am also about 1/2 done with the other sock. I have ordered some neat yarn and absolutely beautiful double point needles---AND I saw a great site and got every size of bamboo needles for $29. The comments were very positive so I hope I made the right decision. The patterns for socks I want to make require different size needles than I have and it just seemed to make sense I should have every size available ----plus I am doing my share in helping the economy :-)

I have to work tomorrow--so I will make this post short (and unfortunately without pics). Next week is Spring Break so I should have lots of updates to post---

Have a great Saturday!

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