Friday, February 20, 2009

It really looks like a SOCK!

I am proud of myself---yea!!!! My knitting is really starting to look like a sock (this is a ankle length sock) AND I made a mistake and I fixed it myself. Usually when I make a mistake, I have to take it apart and start all over. Not this time----I did notice however that I have a hole in the side---don't know why but I think I didn't pull it tight enough when I moved from one needle to the other. At any rate, I am NOT taking it down---I'll just use thread to fix it once I am done.

The next pair I knit I am going to get some really nice wool. I found some really reasonable sites that I can order from. Boy, I had forgotten how expensive yarn can be---$22.00 per ball--too rich for my blood---at least now since I am not that proficient. At any rate, I am enjoying my new hobby. I think I will knit DH a pair--he wears crocs all the time and these socks are perfect for a shoe like that. When I told him, he just smiled---remember he doesn't understand why I would take so much time to knit something that can be purchased so easily. Wait until he wears them, he will understand why.

I have decided to do what I had said I wasn't going to do---start another quilt. This one however is a BOM that my Guild is doing. We have a 16 inch block each month. We each make it in our own choice of fabric and at the end, it will be fun to see how different each quilt will be even though we will all have the same block patterns.
I have decided to use my bag of hand-dyed scraps. I started buying these at both the Nashville and Puducah AQS shows. As you can see, I have quite a big bag full now. This will be the second quilt I am attempting to make from the scraps---another BOM. Although these are scraps bags, some of the scraps are almost FQ size. I did however, buy some full FQ's for the other BOM since I am using the deep jewel colors. For the Guild BOM, I am going to use the pastels more. We'll see how it turns out and if I have enough. Who knows, I may have to buy some more!
I have some work to do and then later this afternoon I will sew and knit a bit.

Have a great day!!!



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