Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Freehand Baptist Fans

Well got back from work all in one piece. It is rather cold and damp, but at this point, nothing is freezing! Hope this truth holds for tomorrow, although snow is predicted.
As I was driving to work I really looked at the colors of winter. Have you ever done that? Everything has a "grey tinge" to it. Even white houses look a bit grey. It is almost like there is a think grey vein of chiffon over everything. Remember when everyone was in to "doing their colors"? I think I was a "winter". Yuk! These colors are nothing like me---nor do I really like them. Will I be every glad for spring and summer to come! Lots of bright, "alive" colors!

Now for the Baptist Fans----I "think" they look okay (?). The grey thread looks more white than anything, but at this point I do not intend to take anything out. I figure when I wash the quilt, because it has cotton batting, it will pucker and everything will look much better. It does look like I will use a "lot" of thread. I know one thing I plan to get at the Puducah show in April (besides the strawberry shortcake), lots of thread! I think a variegated would have also looked nice---I just didn't have the right one. On well, I'll just plow ahead. I don't know how many times I start a quilt, think it look "yuk" and then once it is quilted, it doesn't look that bad!

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