Saturday, January 31, 2009

Busy Day!!

I had my day all planned---I was going to clean the house and then sew most of the day! I stayed up late last night because my Grandson was bidding on E-Bay for a basketball card (he won the bid at $4.67---he is 8 years old). I always am the first one to get up in the morning so I stayed up late purposely so I would sleep late. So, I was snozing away when my cell phone rang (I sleep with it next to me in case the telephones go out----remember I have a very cautious husband), anyway, it was the hospital---"Good Morning Patricia---how are you?". I immediately knew---I was suppose to be at work. Oh My Gosh!!!!! I am coming! I live at least 30-45 minutes from the hospital. I had to shower, iron my scrubs (I can NOT wear wrinkled clothes), put on a bit of make-up, do something with my very unruly hair and get out the door. It was 7:00 A.M. when they called---I clocked in at 8:04!!!!

It was a busy day---there were 10 babies in the nursery and 12 people on Postpartum----no one delivered today although several came in for evaluation. At any rate---I was "too tired" by noon!!!! I only work 2 days a month---you would think I would get it right!

When I got home though, I had a package waiting for me!!! My Guild is having a challenge---I might have mentioned it in a earlier post. We drew paint sample cards (mine had two purples, a cool green, and a sorta gold) and we are to make quilts depicting either a landscape or cityscape with two of those colors as a part of the fabric mix. It should contain a star and have something in it that reflects where we are from. I have this great idea, but didn't have the fabrics in my stash, so I ordered from Hancocks of Puducah. The fabrics are beautiful!!!! (as you can see). I can hardly wait to begin---I hope it turns out as I picture it---that doesn't always happen with my quilts. All the fabrics are batiks (my favorites)---the different colors and shades will really enhance their use in this type of quilt!

Well--it's time for bed! I checked and I don't have to work tomorrow, so I will TRY to sleep in!


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