Thursday, November 21, 2013

Checking In!

I have not been a very responsible blogger I know, but I haven't really had anything really interesting to blog about.  Life has been going on and I have been trying really hard to keep up and maintain my head above the fray!

I have though managed to do some quilting---that is what has helped me "keep up."  Every Christmas I make pillowcases for my grandchildren.  Last year I embroidered their names on them, not so this year.  The material is rather busy and I think the letters would get lost.

These are for the "Grands"---The little snowmen are for the girls, the reindeer for the boys, although really they would work for either I think.  Both of them have the peppermint for the cuff---you see how this might be too busy.  I made a total of seven.

These are for my bed and the guest room.  A total of six.  The print is scrap.  I put it on the back of a quilt I made a couple of months ago and the scraps were enough to make the cuff on the cases.  The other fabric was from my fabric closet so the only fabric I purchased was the fabric for the kids pillowcases and the cuff.  A total of 13 pillowcases!!!!!

I also cut out and finished three more donation quilts.  I love making these quilts and in the process using up some of my stash!  I even have enough batting scraps for the three quilts.  As soon as I quilt them I  will post a picture.

I am going to be spending this week-end cleaning my house.  I have company coming on Monday and didn't want to start too early since from experience, it will just get dirty again.

Well I just wanted to "check in".  Have a great week-end!

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  1. hello Patricia, just thought I'd say hello. I came over from (OOh can't remember!) might have been something to do with the stocking tutorial?
    Anyway, I love your poodle, whose photo was what caught my eye. I'm off to look around at your projects now. best wishes Kath


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