Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I hope everyone had a fun 4th of July.  Mine was pretty uneventful, given what usually happens.  This year, only a very small area in our yard caught fire (from innocent little sparklers) and we easily put it out  and a fountain tipped over and sent fireworks shooting at us (mainly me) as I sat in the driveway watching.  No injuries and no harm done!!!!!!

I love making desserts, and made a Salted Caramel Bread Pudding for dessert!  Too good!!!

I will definitely make this one again!

On the quilting front---I am still quilting my finished tops.  This is a picture of "African Abacus".  I need to complete the binding and sew it down by hand.  I decided to try a wide binding that finishes to the same width as the black sashing in the quilt.  It is a great look and really "ties" everything together.  I found a formula for insuring the correct cutting width (desired finished width x 4).

I used the " Egyptian Eye " board, but loaded the quilt on length wise so the design is vertical.  I like the look.  It actually mimics the shape of the quilt blocks but because it doesn't exactly line-up, it looks like a shadow I think.  I originally thought about lining it up with the blocks, but the dimensions are off and I was afraid it would look too messy.


  1. It looks awesome! I love the wider binding on this one. It really does set it off well. Another show stopper!! Now which ones are you going to enter in a show!!??? :0

  2. And the bread pudding looks really yummy! Can you make me some when I come up??!!


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