Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Checking In!

I have been super busy with not only the end of semester activities at work, but also on the quilting front.

I finished the couple of quilts I had shared on the blog, but instead of looking to the large stack of UFO's for my next project:

I started a new one:

At the last guild meeting, there were several members who shared "modern" quilts.  I put that in quotes, since for me,  the "modern" quilts of today, look a lot like the "functional" quilts of Gee's Bend, and other early quilters.  For these quilters, the goal was to create a functional covering to keep person's warm.  They were not as concerned with "materials" as we are now,  and so used what was on hand, regardless to the color, amount or shape.  Now that improvisational technique is called "modern"....but that is a discussion we are planning to have at our retreat.

Now back to my "modern" quilt----I saw this quilt in a volume of Modern Quilts.  In the magazine, the center segment was pieced.  As I looked at it, I had a "Ah Ha" moment.  I remember that I had purchased (I don't remember where or when) some faux piecing fabric.  Don't know why, but I went into "the" closet and after knocking down several piles (I did put them back in neatly), I found it.  It was only a little over a 1.5 yards, but enough to make the quilt (and increase the size of course).  My grandson just turned 14 and wanted a more "grown up" quilt for his bed at his Mom's, so this will go to him.  It will be a good size twin and I think is a great quilt that can even be used when he is older.  I plan to quilt it with one of my latest Circle Lord Boards that is modern, but will leave it really soft (a request).  I will have at least one extra panel that I am going to make into a pillow for his bed.  Again, this validates my belief that if you purchase fabric you really like, even if you do not have a quilt in mind when the purchase is made, you will find a use for it later.  It also supports my belief that if you really like something, it is probably best to purchase at least two yards.

Speaking of guild, our guild (Zuri) has been invited to exhibit members quilts at the Bessie Smith Art Museum in Chattanooga.  The exhibit will begin at the same time the AQS Chattanooga show, and will go through the first of December.  Each member will have at least 2 quilts on display.  What an honor!  I am still in the process of choosing the one's I would like to submit.

At any rate, we are very excited and honored!

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  1. You go girl!! Liking this one for sure and I know Cammy will when it's done. If he doesn't you can always send it to me! LOL
    I thought for a minute you'd cleaned up that UFO area in your sewing studio -- but should have known better! Your creativity flows better in the chaos!!! LOL Keep it going Sis!


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