Saturday, October 24, 2015

My New Project!

This is my next project  UFO.  I have a sizzix cutter and really love the Wedding Ring Quilts.  This really isn't going to be the Wedding Ring however, but is called the "Pumpkin Seed" pattern.  It is a very old quilt pattern but I have "updated" it a bit.  The blocks are very big (18 inches) which makes the curves really easy to sew.  I am going to use various shades of red and the middle is a newsprint pattern.  The trick is joining the rows so they look like they are interlocking.  This is just the beginning, so "stay tuned" for my progress.  I still have the green "Robbing Peter to Pay Paul" to finish first before I work on this one full time.

I am going to teach a short class for the Guild and so had to put everything to the side to finish the "sample".  I have, it is quilted and I am in the process of sewing on the I have been busy although I haven't been posting.

Just wanted to update you!  Thanks for stopping by!

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