Sunday, April 4, 2010


I had to take a picture of this beautiful tree I saw as we traveled! I couldn't have found a more appropriate representative of Spring in this part of the world!

These are the purchases I made on our trip! The picture doesn't include the book, ruler (tool), or patterns I also purchased. They are all sitting on the Yo-Yo gift I got to take home.

The "Yo-Yo's"----am I in the picture or am I the photographer :-)!

I have become really good friends with a couple of members of my quilting guild (don't get me wrong, I enjoy everyone, but as always there are always people you seem to grow closer to--for whatever reason). They had formed a little support group, and I was invited to join (actually I think I invited myself and they didn't say no)---the group is called "The Yo-Yo's". We have no really "official" rules, we are essentially a group of quilters that enjoy the art and each other. What makes us work is the fact that we share a lot of similarities, but also have enough differences to make our friendship work. Anyway, we get together to celebrate (we have decided) three times a year. We had our first get-together at Christmas and the second one was on Good Friday, April 2nd. We comprised a "gift list" and exchanged them. The lists included:
  1. 1 yard of green fabric
  2. A candle that smelled of spring
  3. A pincushion (either home made or what could pass for home made)
  4. A quilting notion or toy
  5. A bunny (could be chocolate)
  6. A spool of thread
  7. 4 fat-quarters that reminded you of Easter eggs
  8. A 12.5 inch quilt block (using a basket pattern and made of pre-selected fabric)
  9. All of the above packed in a container of some kind.

I loved EVERYTHING in my box, but honestly, if I had gotten any of the other boxes, I would have been just as pleased. These ladies know how to "pack a box" :-)

Now what made this "party" especially fun (beside getting gifts--which I always find make me happy) was the fact that this time we also took a "road trip" to this fantastic quilt shop in Smith's Grove, KY (Whittle's). I had never been there, but I gotta tell you, I will definitely return. The prices are unbelievable and the pleasantness of the owners are something that I haven't experienced in years!!!!! Of course I definitely cut into my allocated shopping budget for AQS, but there is absolutely no way I would ever have been able to find these same prices. If you are ever near Smith's Grove, I really recommend you stop by---you will NOT regret it!!!!

After the shopping trip, we went to a great restaurant for dinner, exchanged our gifts and reminisced about all the fun we had. I am so grateful to my Yo-Yo Sisters----because I am new to this part of the country and had to leave my other sister (Diane) behind when I moved. Because of them, I find I have less "pity parties". If only Diane would move here, there would be perfection in the world (hurry up April 20---Diane is coming to visit). Unfortunately I had to go to work yesterday, but my happy memories kept me smiling all day. Our next "party" will be in July or August and I can hardly wait!

Well, gotta go get ready for the day, have a blessed Easter and thanks again for stopping by!!!


  1. That is such a wonderful idea for a group meeting! You all look happy ladies! :)

    ENjoy your goodies!

  2. Patricia what a wonderful and warm post. It's great to have a set of close makes life more interesting. Your group sounds like me & my "wacky" girlfriends.
    Take care.


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