Monday, March 29, 2010

Design Wall Monday!

I am always interested in others "design wall" but haven't figured out how to link just this one post to Judy's blog , but I will try one more time (if you link your entire blog, the link will automatically get erased).  At any rate, even if I am unable to link from her page back to mine, for those of you who check into my blog, this is what I am working on.  Last year, I cut out all these 6.5 squares and 3.5 x 4.5 rectangles  to make a quilt from a pattern I got at AQS.  It was much too small for me, so out came EQ6 and I "re-designed" it to be much bigger.  It really took some figuring out because it is not a straight set.  It will be different because the pattern has you making different sets of block and setting them specifically---I on the other hand am only interested in the light and dark side of the block.  The fabric's I used are from a Amy Butler line and the darks are from someone else---I don't remember.  The darks are not really "my thing" (I ordered from on-line), but I really like the "liberated" look of it---you might see that some of the "lights" look a little "dark", but that is okay.  I have finished all the light blocks and now will begin to work on the dark ones.  What you see is just a couple of blocks I put together to test my layout.  This is a UFO, so I am feeling good about finishing this quilt---the only problem is the quilts I was working on, now become UFO's :-)  As you can also see, I need to take my wall down and try to get the threads off.  It is one of those sticky design walls, and I am hesitate to wash it (the directions say I can), because I am afraid it will lose it's "stickiness".  I am thinking of just putting up some batting or flannel---just don't know how to do it yet.

Oh well---such is the life of a quilter.  Have a great reminder of the day/week!


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