Thursday, March 11, 2010

First Finish for March!

 I completed the scrap 4-patch yesterday!!!!  I am now contemplating what I am going to do with the back.  The "hurry up and quilt" part of me says to put a simple backing--either white or a print (all from my stash); the "creative" part of me wants to complete a more interesting backing.  I am going to set it aside and decide sense rushing into anything!!--right??

I am now going to tackle the "UF" braid quilt.  Although the fabrics are "unusual" putting them together isn't looking too bad.  It just takes a while to create the "braids" since the rectangles are only 2.5 x 4.5.  It is going to be twin size.  I have found out a pieced quilt for deployed military may not be such a good idea, and so I am going to change and make a fleece blanket instead.  A lot faster and from what I understand, much more practical.  I guess I will use the UF as another TV cuddle quilt.  My family currently sometimes "fight" over the one I have since the loser has to settle for a much smaller, store-bought throw.

It is raining here---a nice steady rain.  I went out yesterday and bought a bolt of Kaufman 200 ct. unbleached muslin and some twin batting.  I also picked up some thread and a magazine.  I had so many coupons I saved $53.00.  Good for me, since I purchased two books on dyeing from Amazon.  I can hardly wait for the warm weather to get started so I can get out and dye!  I really enjoy the process.  This time I am going to venture out and "create" new recipes!  When Diane comes for the Puducah AQS if the weather is nice, I think I will introduce here to dyeing!  Last year ProChemical was there, so hopefully they will this year and I can pick up some more dyes---especially blacks.

Well, enough rambling---I am going to do a little housework, and then get back to "braiding".  Pictures to follow!

Have a great day!!!

BTW--ignore any misspelled words---I still haven't figured out how to do "spell check" :-(

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  1. HI Pat,

    I am glad you are having a lot of sewing done! i think the spell check in blogger is automatic and it underlins with red the wrong spelling, I think.

    Happy sewing!


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