Friday, March 5, 2010

No Quilt Pictures!

I have been working dilligently on several projects at once---my 9 patch quilt and the "Ug" quilt--again, instead of working on Peaches and Berries.....but as I said, both of these quilts were UFO's so I still am being productive.  I have decided to donate the "Ug" which I am renaming "UF" for Unusual Fabrics, to a girl I work with for her husband in Iraq.  She tells me that he complains of the cold at night, and says they really don't have enough blankets (which is strange to me) but anyway, I am going to give it to her.  The UF's come from a purchase I got at our Guild auction.  I have over 2,000 2.5 x 4.5 rectangles.  There are dates on some of the bags 1999 so it was done as a millinium swap.  The rules must have been to get the most "unusual" and unattractive fabrics you could.  At any rate, I am putting them into a braid--since I don't have to cut.  The bad thing is they will end up being 3 inch strips---so I am going to put a 3 inch tea dyed muslin between to try to get a twin size quilt.  I will tell  her that when he comes home, he can either bring it or leave it for another, the only rule is he cannot throw it away.  Hopefully it will serve it's purpose and the fact that the fabrics are weird will lose it's importance.

Just to give the blog a little character, I am posting a picture of our "honey bunny" Coal.  Yesterday he will to the beauty shop to get a trim and blow-out.  He is a cutie!  You can't see it very well in the picture but he has on a  kerchief around his neck!

Have a great day!  I am off to work for a meeting ugh!  BTW, does anyone know how to do spellcheck on this new blog entry program?  I can't figure it out, so if I misspell words, please forgive me :-)


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  1. Coal is a cutie, and what a quizzical look, like he's wondering why you want a picture of that cute face. Lane


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