Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Is Definitely Here!!!!

It has been so very hot here in Middle TN. Today it is over 100 but it feels like it is 200!!!! I am complaining, but to be honest, I would much rather be hot than cold---so actually, I guess, this is my favorite time of year.
Well, what have I been up to! I finished a couple of quilts----one for my Granddaughter, Marissa. That is pictured above. I finished quilting it in bright green, and then put bright green piping. I think it has really added to the quilt. Rather than bright green fabric, I used green grosgrain ribbon! It was much easier and although I have the piping tool, it really can be done without it if you use ribbon. I think it turned out pretty good given it was my first one. I also finished a "Turning Twenty" baby quilt for one of the girls I work with at the hospital. It is for a little boy and I used blue/yellow and red 30's. I am going to pipe it in red ribbon.

Of course I have been doing some dyeing. I have nine yards washing now and I must say, it appears that the colors are great. I had posted earlier that I think I found the secret. The secret to bright colors is to not add a lot of water to the dye color formula. What I do is add just enough water to result in one cup (if dyeing 1 yard) or less depending on how much fabric you are dyeing. I squeeze it through completely and then let it batch overnight. The colors are so bright. Hopefully this really is the trick since I love the bright colors!

I purchased this really great scrap quilt book and saw this great quilt made from old plaid shirts. I am a real fan of Bonnie Hunter and the quilts she makes from scraps, although I have never used recycled clothing, so off to Goodwill I went. I purchased about 25 shirts, some for as low as .25 and have cut them up. It is amazing how much fabric you can salvage. Essentially, I only threw away the cuffs, and the collar (although I used it on some shirts). The picture above is of the pieces I salvaged. I think I need some light color ones and when I get time I will go back to the Goodwill to look for some. The quilt is great looking and it has definitely moved up on my "To Do" list. I have a couple of quilts I have to finish first.
Thanks so much for stopping by to spend a couple of minutes. Have a great remainder of the day and the week-end. "Talk" to you later!!!!


  1. Oh I love the bright quilt you made for your granddaughter! I am sure she will love it! The piping is a nice accent!

  2. What a pretty quilt for your granddaghter...she will love her quilt.

  3. I love how the piping turned out! I do love the quilt- it turned out wonderful as always!


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