Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger is "Acting Out"!

For some reason I am unable to even get to my blog on my primary computer. The one with all the pictures. As a result I can't really post the pictures I want --- the ones that add interest to my posts, so this will be a sorta dull one, until things settle down.

I have been expending creative energy, but in a not so directed way. I am currently working on my Guild challenge. I drew an orange crayon; the pack also had a picture of the maple leaf quilt block, and the letter S. The challenge is to make a quilt with the exact color of orange in it; the maple leaf block and include something that begins with S. I started making a large quilt, but then didn't like it, so I cut down the blocks from a 12 inch block to a 6.5 inch block. I still don't really like it, but I am more comfortable with a wall hanging than a large quilt, since it isn't going to be my favorite. I have started though, and I am forging ahead. The problem is a cut all the fabric for the original size, so I am going to end up with a lot of little mostly unusable scraps---I hate the waste that resulted from my decision.

I think I might have shared that I purchased a couple of brand-new dies for my GO! at Paducah. The 2.5 inch multi-die came, but it didn't cut correctly. I tried everything, but I still ended up having to clip threads. I called Accuquilt and explained the situation, mainly thinking they might have some resolution, but before I had even hung up, they had put a new die in the mail. I have mailed the old one back, but I bet I receive my new die before they get the old one back. Great customer service! I will be glad to get it, since I have started a quilt that requires about 2000 2.5 inch squares! This quilt I like!!!!!! but I do have to complete this challenge first :c(!!!

Well, just wanted to update you and as soon as I can, I will post pictures! Still isn't staying warm enough to dye yet, but I have hopes for this week-end! At the very least I am going to get my space cleaned up and ready. Even if it rains, maybe I can still get a lot done and then just work with the garage door down.


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