Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Potato Chip Finished!!!!

I finished quilting the Potato Chip Quilt (AKA 1600 Quilt). Now I need to put the binding on and it will be all done!!!! I purchased the border doing on one of the trips Diane and I made to some local quilt shops when she was here. I didn't bring the quilt top with me, but just chose the color and type of fabric completely from memory---doesn't it fit well!!!!! I am so glad I remember color's well. The backing is also really nice---I didn't take a picture though, but will post a completed picture once I put on the binding and I will make sure the backing is visible.

On another note, I am very much behind on the UFO Challenge, and don't think I will catch up. This month's is #9 which is the scrap quilt I have been working on for a couple of years (I think). I am going to have to work on a Guild Challenge so I am not going to be working on that one either....so I officially have only completed one UFO on my list. Well, there are still a couple of months left, so hopefully I will be able to finish at least 2 more on the list.

Well, I just wanted to post this picture. Later!


  1. Love it! That fabric did go well didn't it? And the smaller border goes just right with it. Now remind me as to who gets that one?? :-)

  2. Love that little quilt. I'm like you; I can remember colors and match them in my head. It's a skill that comes in really handy. Take care and have a great one. Lane

  3. Beautiful. Thanks for teaching us how to make this quilt at our Zuri Quilting Retreat. I've made some progress on my own and will post it later for your to see in your honor.


  4. Love the fact that your border is fabric from the quilt.
    Marti Mitchell once saw a quilt of mine where I had done that and she said it always adds to it..so have remembered and often buy yardage when I get a jelly roll.


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