Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bogged Down!!!!

Life has been getting in the way and I have been a really neglectful "blogger".  Every time I have thought of blogging, either it was the end of a very long day, or I had nothing to blog about.

I have been quilting though---I try to make sure nothing stops me from doing that, if only for a few moments a day.  I am making a very time intensive quilt---one I am thinking about entering in a show.  As what often happens when you are doing anything that is time consuming, your brain gets tired after a while, so I decided to relax it by doing something that didn't take a lot of thinking----

It is a string quilt-----I simply went into my string bag and pulled out strings sewing them together in no particular sequence.  I was simply trying to not put two like ones together---they are all different sizes and after sewing them together I then cut them even to make rows.  I found my inspiration on a quilt on Pinterest, although mine is more colorful I think.  At any rate, it will be a sofa quilt---something to wrap up in while watching TV.  I think I will put a flannel backing on it.  I love the looks of it.  I think I will need to add two more rows and I will be finished.  The funny thing is my string bags don't seem any smaller although this quilt should be making a dent in them.  I am not going to cut more, so there will be some repeats, but I really don't mind.

I also finished the quilt for my DD Significant Other's little boy.  I made one for his sister, so really felt I needed one for him as well.  I had a simple pack of 10 inch squares in blues and beiges and put them together on point.  It is a simple quilt, but will do to wrap up in while watching TV.  I think I will quilt it in concentric circles and back it in flannel.

I didn't use a pattern, but mocked it up in EQ6.  It looks very plain now, but I think will look nice quilted.  I am going to use a blue thread to give it a fun look.

At any rate, this is what I have been up to.  The weather is getting cooler here---I really want to dye some more fabric.  I will have to get myself in gear or the weather will be too cool.

Just wanted to check in!  Thanks for "stopping" by!

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  1. The journey of 1000 miles begins with filling up the gas tank :) You're keeping your quilting car on full!


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