Friday, October 4, 2013


Although I am "chatter box" on occasion, I am basically shy and often hesitant.  Since I am a professional in a world that, if I obviously displayed how I really feel, I would be in trouble and not taken seriously, not many people know that.  It comes out though (strangely enough) in my creative side.  I am almost always anxious when it comes to doing something for someone else (like quilting) or even when I am trying something out and no one will really care except of course me.

Several years ago I made a significant financial commitment in getting a Circle Lord quilting system.  I originally did it thinking I would begin quilting "for money", and when I retired, I would have a little extra money to support my expensive habit (quilting).  I talked to "professional quilters" who talked about how much they enjoyed it.  I tried it and hated it---I found it to be a very stressful process.    All it all it wasn't fun at all and I was tired of my feelings being hurt---so I gave it up and only quilt for Diane now!  It just wasn't worth the stomach pain and headaches I was getting.  I still though had this expensive system I needed to at least use for my quilting.

This long story has brought us to this blog post.  I pulled out my system, got out my book, and decided I would use it to quilt the little quilt I was making as a gift.  I am "sorta" using it for practice, since the other thing about me is I hate to use a "practice piece" that will not be used in some way....hence I rarely practice on just pieces of muslin, but rather quilts.  I love concentric circles!!!!!  I got out my circle maker and the picture is what I have at this point.  I am using a blue thread and so you see my "sew overs".  I am "eye balling" the placements, so the design isn't really symmetrical, but I think it is not bad.  I anticipate that by the time I get to the end of the quilt, it will be pretty good!  At any rate, I am proud of myself.  Although I am a bit anxious, I keep reminding myself, that nothing is perfect!  Even prize winning quilt have "oops" areas but that doesn't stop them from being prize winners.  I am really working to "enjoy the process".   It is especially fun since there isn't another person who will be looking for every little imperfection and not appreciating the fact that for this one row of simple circles, it took me over one hour!

You can see the trailing threads as I move from circle to circle, but of course these will be cut once I finish.  One lesson I am learning is when I quilt a "not quite practice" quilt, I will invest in a really fine top thread to decrease the thread build-up and use a color that isn't a great contrast.  I really though wanted to see the stitching so this contrast is fine, plus I really like the looks of it!  "Modern quilting for a modern quilt"!

It is my hope the finished project will not be bad at all!

Well have a great Friday and week-end!


  1. I love the circles!! The one you did for me is one of my favorite! I like how you "overlayed" some of the circles over others. This will definitely be a great one when you get it finished! Can't Wait!!!

  2. I am still fascinated by your ability to put in such perfect circles. Quilt on! Lane

  3. I hate to use a "practice piece" that will not be used in some way...

    Oh yes, I'm with you on that one!!


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