Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Busy Saturday!

Up early, trying to straighten up the house a little.  I find I feel less "guilty" if I at least attempt to straighten up one room.  My grandchildren were here, so they "willingly" straightened up a little.  I cleaned the kitchen (including moping the floor) and washed a couple of loads of clothes (currently on the pool table unfolded).  That was enough to alleviate any guilt I might have.  Down to my "studio" I went and completed a baby quilt.  I don't know what it is with me and baby quilts these days.  This one is for one of my daughter's employees.  This young lady is having a difficult time, is pregnant and has received a "not so good" diagnosis that will require a major surgery after the birth of her baby.  She is a single mom and doesn't have very much so----what does a quilter do (?)---make a quilt.  This one is the bigger of the two I am making and I am also going to make a couple of flannel receiving blankets and embroidery something cute on them.

The baby is a boy and I think these are bright, non-traditional colors  will work well.  I found some bright green flannel that will be the back.  These are all my hand dyes---I am using up ALL stash fabrics if I can.  I sent a picture to my daughter and she loves it!!!!   The white is 200 ct. bleached muslin.  I am not sure I really like it though---the "hand" isn't very soft, but I think it is fine for this small quilt.  I sent my son a picture and he asked that I make TWO for a friend that is having twins!  The key is the different contrasting tones of the fabric, so I will look for anther combination.   It makes me feel good to use my God-given talent to help someone else.

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