Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Time Does Fly!

I can't believe it has been a month since I last posted.  I can not really explain why---I have been busy, but I have found time to read other blogs, not sure why I haven't posted.  I don't know, mine seems so ----well---boring!  But I have to remind myself, it actually is a personal journal in a way---documenting my life at this time in history.  I don't have to be witty---just realistic I guess.

Anywhoo----I have been quilting!  I have completed quilting several quilts, and made several.  I have also planted my "crops" for this year----so--

These are my tomato plants.  Our oldest son came from Baltimore just to help me with my spring yard work!  How sweet is that!!!!  The grandbabies built the "wall" around the plants and this year we covered them with netting to keep those birds away.  Four plants--two red, one purple and one yellow tomatoes.  I don't have a picture of the "other" garden.  That holds two watermelon plants, squash and sweet potatoes.  Not sure why I am enjoying this---but I am.  Wonder if it has anything to do with living in the south and growing old---maybe with my grandchildren as well since I want them to understand that things do grow and don't just come out of packages.

 We also planted flowers and cleaned out the beds.  The above shows Sweet Coal inspecting the growth process.

On the quilting front----

I am determined to use up my stash.  Diane gave me lots of 30's scraps a couple of years ago.  They have been sitting in a box waiting for me to get some energy!  I purchased the GO! tumbler die and so proceeded to cut both large and small tumblers.  I originally was going to make a quilt using both sizes, but when I put a couple of rows together, I thought it looked too chaotic.  I decided to make a baby quilt from the small tumblers.  There isn't a baby I have in mind, but I will either donate it to the charity our Guild is supporting, or save it for later.  Eventually a baby will come along.

I agreed to make a quilt for the "silent auction" the school of nursing where I teach is having in conjunction with a fund raiser.  Again, I had some 30"s jelly rows that I have also had for years!  I really like 30's, but it isn't my first choice in fabrics right now (my first choice changes frequently).  I had an old magazine with a hexagon quilt pattern in it made from jelly rows.  The quilt below was the left overs.  You can see it is lots of "mix and match" blocks.  I also purchased the new GO! half hexagon die that is a perfect complement.  You might know this is a Jaybird pattern.  I love it when things come together making the process easier.  I didn't have to use the special ruler, or make a plastic template.  I wish other patterns would do this.  This is a baby quilt and like the other, I am not sure what I will do with it.   It is already quilted and only needs binding.

This is the quilt for the auction.  It is a large almost twin size.  I was trying to make something that would appeal to many, yet would not take forever for me to finish.  The quilt is not unisex, but is very female in appearance--but still hopefully will result in a good return.  I plan on leaving the edges scalloped to further add to it (at least I think so).

I have several more quilt tops that need to be quilted, and "dyeing season" has begun.  I purchased some dyes at AQS and plan on getting out and having fun with dyes.  I need to clean my corner though and so will need to get my  energy up a little more!

Well, no promises, but I will honestly try to blog more frequently.

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