Monday, April 28, 2014

Guess Who Is Back!

Yep---I have been "out of pocket" for a little over a month!  As usual, life has "gotten in the way", and I haven't had the time or in some cases, the energy, to be creative and write an entry.  I have been busy though with quilting and will have some updated pictures to share next time (I hope).   So what have I been up to????

AQS Paducah!!!!!

Diane came from Florida for our our annual trip to Paducah.  We have been doing this for about 7 years now and really look forward to it!  As usual we drive up on Wednesday to shop!  This year was no exception except we both have remarked that we are much more selective.  You can really spot the "first timers", their carts and bags are filled to overflowing and they have this look on their faces that clearly indicate the "WOW" factor.  What I found interesting though is although I had a budget (which was a little more this year than last) and followed pretty closely, (I was about $50 over), I seemed to get less.  One reason is the things I want appear to be more costly.  My pride purchase this year was four Bloc Loc Rulers.  They are quite pricey, but although I do have a GO! cutter, I still need to square up often and I am truly "squaring up challenged".  The more I quilt, the more I realize how important consistency is (at least that was my justification for paying this premium price for pieces of plastic).  Other pricey purchases were a couple of GO! dies(I got 30% off as the show special) and a $23 pattern I purchased by mistake.  Mistake because I thought the price was $13!  I AM going to make this quilt for sure!!!!

We also spread some of our AQS money around at local shops.  I absolutely LOVE Grunge, so at one quilt shop the fabric was 30% off so I purchased a total of 17 yards of three different colors.   Of course it was the usual thread, fabrics and patterns, but not quite as much as in previous years.

We went back on Saturday on a Guild bus to look at the quilts.  They were beautiful, but I have to say a little disappointing when I read that the "Best of Show" had also won at the Lancaster show.  That doesn't seem quite fair to me since there were other quilts that certainly could have had a better chance.  I am wondering then will I see the same quilts at the Chattanooga show?  There are now 7 AQS shows and I think they might be spreading themselves a little thin.  Rather than giving more opportunities for quilt entries, since one quilt can now enter many shows, it seems kind of discouraging.

On the quilt front, I have been working on a couple of quilts that I put aside to finish quilting the quilts I have of Diane's.  I plan to get back to them though so I can use some of the new patterns I got at AQS.

Oh yea!  For the big news, Diane purchased a long arm.  She will soon have a Nolting Mid-arm!!!!  I loved the feel of the machine and really think she made a wise choice.  I also have decided to have my machine upgraded with a stitch regulator.  I must say however, the person's I talk to who represent the make of my machine weren't very friendly or forthcoming at all, so since my warranty is up anyway, I am going to get an Intellistitch.  It is about $3000.00 cheaper and will accomplish what I want.  I hope to have it in place by the middle of summer (gotta save a little more).

Anyway, this is all for now.  I will take some pictures and make my post more interesting next time!  Have a great day/week!

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  1. thanks for sharing your Paducah trip. My sister and I haven't gone in years but the more we went, the more selective our purchases. Going to go google the rulers.


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