Sunday, September 21, 2014

One Down---Several More to Go!!!

****The red on the blue is actually my label.  I embroidered it on the backing rather than place a traditional label.

I finished quilting "Confetti" this morning!  Since these pictures were taken, I have put on the binding--AND machine sewed it down and cut/removed the "jump stitches.  It is all folded and ready for "Show N' Tell" at the Guild meeting, and then I plan to put it on my guest bedroom bed.

I like this quilt---the back of my "not so good" dyed pieces, really makes for a nice back.  The pieces are a soft suede-like texture and color which goes well with the scrap top.  The binding is a red print---I didn't quite feel like piecing a binding as well, but the all one type of binding seemed to tie it together....I guess I should take a picture of that---but I don't feel like going back down and unfolding.  Maybe later.

I found a quilt top I had finished a last year I think---and I will quilt it.;  Don't have a plan for it, in fact I really don't like it much, but I am going to quilt it anyway.  I might really like it more after it is completed.

Well have a great Sunday afternoon!

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