Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Here and Gone!

The holidays came and went---wow!!!!  It was the perfect holiday for me.  Lots of laughter, food, love and NO STRESS!  That was my promise to myself, I had no timeline for when breakfast or dinner would be ready----disposable plates and eating utensils, and a purchased ham.  I did cook a turkey leg for my son, but other than that, the meal was also planned to be low stress.

Now I have to clean away the last remnants of the boxes, etc. and I will be ready for the new year. Got some great gifts (nothing quilt related)but I did get a neat exercise bike (with a nice BIG seat) to go with my FitBit, and of course, GIFT CARDS!

Now for a "quilty" update:   The Longarm repairman (angel) will be arriving on Jan. 5 to get the "ole girl" back up!!!!!  I talked to a friend yesterday who suggested that actually this was a good time to really "fiddle" with her to get to know her better since anything I did was going to be corrected anyway, so I may do just that!  She also suggested I video him fixing her so if she has another hiccup, I can refer to the video....a great idea  My husband, who actually is more of a computer "geek" than mechanical, is going to also be in attendance to learn.  We have decided that we are going to go to the Gammil headquarters and he is going to take their maintenance course and I will take some quilting courses.  It is funny, I have had this machine since 2007 and I still am in the learning curve!  Our relationship has been "rocky" at best!  Not sure if I had it to do over if I would get this type of machine, but I can't do over, so I am stuck for a while anyway!

I have started a new quilt!  This is a free quilt pattern on the Sew Kind of Wonderful site (looks like I need a new ironing board cover).  If you make it, be careful of your cutting.  I totally ruined the remainder of this fat quarter so I will only have one block made with this color.  It is also a bit tricky in lining up---had to un-sew a couple of times, but I like the results.  The light color is a "super muslin"---a little heavy, but the same weight as some of my African fabrics and linens I have used, so I decided to use it.  I like the unbleached muslin with the "burlap" like texture of the prints.

Well,  gotta go!  No empty promises about frequency of posting, but I will be back!!!!

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