Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I Threw It Away!!!!

No pictures-----but I did something I have NEVER, EVER done before.  I threw away a quilt!!!!!  It was on my frame---I absolutely hated it!!!  The colors were weird, the fabrics did absolutely nothing for the pattern.  Lots of seams that were very difficult to quilt over, AND my quilting was horrible---so, I took it off the frame---cut off the back and batting and folded it up to use in another quilt---and threw it in the garbage!  Why take time to finish something I absolutely hate!!!  It feels strangely good!

To celebrate, I went cyber shopping and bought a new layer cake!    Yea!

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  1. Isn't that freeing? I've thrown away two. One was in the quilting stage and I just couldn't make it happen. The other was an unfinished top that I had sunk many hours into and just decided to cut my losses. Now, you can move onto something you can enjoy. Lane


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