Sunday, May 31, 2015

Happy Dancing---All DONE!!!!!

I am all FINISHED!!!  with the quilting on "Crop Circles".  That is what I think of when I look at the quilt and until I come up with something else--"Crop Circles" it is.  My knees and my back are confirming the "work" it took to get this done.  Even though precision in distance was not my goal, I still tried to make the circles evenly spaced somewhat.  Of course, the closer I came to finishing, the more "hiccups" I had and had to do some removal of stitching, but I was able to line it back up and so it isn't really that noticeable.  All in all---it isn't bad.  The circles are really nice and I think worth all the work.  Now to trim and bind and add to my pile of completed works.  I may enter this one though in a show.  I would really like the feedback.  We will see---anyway--following are some pictures.  Unfortunately, the texture of the circles doesn't photograph well, but take my word for it, it adds to the quilt nicely.

The quilt is lying on it's side.  The top and bottom are the wide solid orange borders.

 I still need to cut the "jump stitches".

The last one includes the back.  Sorta goes with the theme of "crops" doesn't it.

I have loaded a donation/gift quilt for my next quilting project, but the rest of the day will be spent resting.  I feel sorta good, so I may even make a "home cooked" meal, with biscuits, for Sunday dinner!  My family will think it is Christmas!!!!  Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!!!!!


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