Monday, April 11, 2016

OOps---I Forgot One!!

I also put together another donation quilt.  While on our quilting retreat last week, we made a group trip to a fabric shop having a sale.  Although it is not specifically a "quilt" shop, it had a great collection of cottons.  My view is that any fabric has the potential to be made into a quilt. They had a dynamite sale, and I picked up 1.5 and 2 yard "remnants" for as little as $3.00 (the fabric was regularly 12.99/yard).  This is one of the quilts I put together from the focus that I got at the sale, and the remainder from my stash.  From a 1.5 yard piece, I got two of these "stripper" quilts (the pattern is a free one on Mary Quilts web site.  On the second one, I am going to reverse the placement of the orange and green.  You can't tell from the picture but the focus is a very pale blue background, but it could be a given to a baby girl as well since it is so pastel.  I did get the same focus with a pale yellow background and will make a couple more.  A great size for a older baby, or as a "blankey" for a toddler.

I love making donation quilts!  These quilts are destined for babies that are sick with a chronic disease.  To think that my quilts may comfort some little one who is not feeling well makes me feel that my talent of quilting is making someones world a warmer place.  Maybe I am a bit unrealistic or a bit "pie in the sky"-- maybe the quilts will actually be used to mop up spills--it doesn't matter--I still love the idea.  Anyway----

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  1. That is so cute!! Goes to show you just about anything can be used in a quilt and it looks good. I love the feel & texture when someone uses "non traditional" cotton fabrics in a quilt. Opens up so many options! Would love to still have all the scraps from when I made my daughter's clothes. It would have made a fantastic quilt!!
    Great work, Sis!!


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