Saturday, July 16, 2016

I Am Here Still!

I have been working on this quilt for almost a year (off and on).  I decided to finish it a couple of weeks ago and did so this morning.  It is a Kaleidoscope quilt---no pattern just a draft that I did on EQ7....LOTS of points to match!!!  The background is some Grunge I have been resistant to cut into but decided, "why buy something is you are not going to use it".  The prints are from my scrap bags.  Just odds and ends.  It is about 80 x 90 (10 inch finished blocks set 8 x 9).  I am not going to put on a border.  It seems to not really need one.  The quilting will have to wait until I get my knee done (I am having a total knee replacement in about 3 weeks).  In a way, I think custom quilting would work, but I also think a simple edge-to-edge would also work---just lots of texture.

This is what I am working on now.  I actually have another quilt in the wings, but I am waiting on some 30's scraps that Diane is preparing to send me and then I will start on that one.  This quilt is a simple 12 patch of scraps (again).  The white blocks are actually linen scraps I had left over from another quilt I made.  The 2.5 inch squares were cut out probably almost 3 years ago.  I plan to just make blocks until I have used up the light squares, count them and decide on the layout and size of the quilt.  I do have the potential to make it bigger since I found some white linen at Joanne's that I purchased (only 1.5 yards).  I can either use that as setting squares or make more blocks, using the extra blocks as setting squares (see below) cutting the edges even but I would lose about 1/4th of the block.  That seems so wasteful.  I will have to see what works best.

At any rate---although not blogging, I have continued to be busy with my quilting.  I am actually trying to decide if I want to continue to blog.  My "Followers" haven't really increased and if I didn't blog I really don't think it would be a big loss to the blogging community.   Blogging and not getting any indication that anyone (other than Diane) is reading your post is  like you are screaming into the dark, and you don't know if you are along or someone is just standing there watching you make a fool of yourself.  Brings back days of the "popular girls" vs. those of us who were not so popular.  I don't like that feeling.  At any rate,  I will have to mull that decision over as well.

If you are reading my blog---thanks (and if possible let me know you are out there) and have a wonderful productive day!


  1. Hi Patricia, my blogging has fallen down over the last 2 years and I pondered the idea of stopping but I really don't want to. Facebook has robbed bloggers' time I think. I've picked up crochet like a mad woman and I'd like to energize my quilting and crochet and blogging with a Youtube channel. I hope to start the first of August.

    People I know who have had knee surgery are always happy they did it. It is one of the surgeries that has a reputation of going smoothly. Hangeth in. Oh, and I love both of these designs.

  2. Awesome as always! I meant to mention yesterday that you needed to post again! LOL Keep up the creativity--it's fun to see it and read about your thoughts along the way!!

  3. I'm out here. And atill reading!!


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