Sunday, July 17, 2016


So the quilt "told" me it wanted setting squares, so setting squares it is.  You can't really see them since the linen is white as is the design "board".  This will probably be a lap size and although it is a really simple pattern, it is nice to just sew squares together in a pattern that doesn't require a lot of thought.  These are only 2.5 inches unfinished so although my box is overflowing, I anticipate the result will be relatively small--sorta like cooking spinach---one bag only results in enough for two people although the pot was originally overflowing.

Thanks Karen and Diane for making posts!  I can always depend on you two!

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  1. Great progress!! As you tell me, one bite at a time! LOL
    I really like quilts that are done like this They are just easy & fast to do!! That's why I had such fun with the 9-patch I just finished up. Keep us posted!! :-)


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