Friday, July 22, 2016

Yet Another Start!

Okay---I know!  I have more than enough "works in progress", including one I am diligently working on to complete.  I though have an "problem"---one shared by many quilters.  Even though I am working on project(s), I am still continuously reading and exploring.  Often during these instances I come across something that interest me and I absolutely must get it "out" of my head and I do that by making a "test" block.

I went to a lecture by Kathy Doughty last week.  She has authored 5 books (I have all of them) and in her second book, I saw a quilt I loved.  It is titled "Pop Stars".  In that book, each of the "stars" are a different fabric surrounded by 1.5 inch strips.  The quilt is constructed using a fabric foundation that is cut from a template or a "kite shaped ruler".  After going to her lecture, I pulled out the books, and I even had tabbed the pages that contained the quilts I really liked.  I began the process of "making the quilt", gathering the materials/templates, etc.  In looking at the quilt though, I suddenly realized, it was actually a "spiderweb".   So my quest took me in another direction.  I didn't have to purchase templates or template plastic.  I had the materials already (I love rulers and "stuff").  I could actually use a technique like paper piecing.  My blocks are 12.5 inches unfinished as compared to 21.5 inches in the book quilt, so that means I will have to make more blocks for a queen size.  Rather than use a different fabric for each "star", I will use the white/black dot for each one.  The quilt is very scrappy and the "calmer" stars will give the eyes somewhere to "rest" and will unify the very chaotic quilt (something I learned in the lecture).    I think I am onto something!

I will finish my "12 Square" quilt, but tonight I will spend some time cutting my scraps into various size "strings".  My DH got me an electric GO! for Mother's Day, so it will be really easy to try to get my scraps together.  Although the original quilt has strips the same size, I like the varying sizes better.  I have decided that my max strip size however will be 2.5 inches since my star halves are smaller and I don't want to "overwhelm" the block.

I will see where this will take me.

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  1. Quilt-wise these days I am only focusing on one or two at a time, but crochet, I am like what you described. hehehe. I have a self-imposed yarn ban going on but last night I started another shawl and I am certain I need to do this in two colourways and I need a colour I do not have in my stash...;)


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