Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Quilt!

As I might have mentioned, my sweet nephew and his wife were visitng. He shared with us that he is now a "Grandfather"---wow, I can't imagine that! At any rate, that makes me a "Great Aunt"! That calls for a quilt!

Yesterday I cut fabric for a simple "Turning Twenty" baby quilt, not the usual "cute" quilt for a baby. It only called for 9 fat quarters. I used my own handdyes and put together a pretty cute quilt --- at least I think so. The baby is a boy and the quilt looks really "modern" and contemporary, perfect for a boy. I used black and white check with an occasional bright square for the binding and pale baby blue minkee for the back (the only "traditional" aspect of this quilt). My machine (Harriet) acted fantastic, and the minkee quilted up wonderfully. The tension was absolutely wonderful----Gutterman serger thread--thank you! I quilted it in a bright turquoise, adding to the modern feel. I think I am going to make a full size quilt using the same pattern and my handdyes.

What do you think?


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  1. Patricia, congrats on a lovely bright Turning 20 quilt. Your handdyes are gorgeous and sure gives a modern feel to the quilt...perfect for a little boy!


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