Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What Have I Been Up To?

Although I haven't been posting, I have been really busy! My nephew and his wife were here to visit. I ALWAYS enjoy having them visit!! Although Vanessa isn't a quilter, she never minds hanging out at quilt shops with me. She also loves to shop as do I, and we always have a wonderful time looking for bargains (and we always do).

I also spent time fninishing quilting my two BOM's. I really think they turned out nice. There are some areas where I overquilted and could have followed the panto a little better, but all in all I am proud of my work. The tension was great -- I used serger thread :-) I have one more quilt I am going to load and also use a panto. I want to become better at that and since I "think" I found the tension "sweet spot" on my machine, I am going to take advantage before it messes up again.

I have also made a commitment to finish knitting my current pair of socks. One is already done, and as you can see, I am about 1/4th finished with the other one. If I complete it before the month is out, I plan to start on another one. I do enjoy knitting socks, I can do this while I watch TV and it makes me feel like I am not wasting time.

I have to put the binding on the quilts and then sew them down and I will be all done and can officially start a new quilt :-) Just a question---does anyone ever wash the quilt first prior to binding. I am thinking about adding rick-rack to the white quilt between the quilt and binding, but when I wash it, I don't want the rick-rack to fold up. Just a question---I probably will not add the rack after all.

Hugs! and have a great remainder of the day!

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  1. I usually finish sewing the binding before washing. If you plan to put the rick rack, it does have to go through washings too, right?


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