Sunday, June 20, 2010

My latest!

Please forgive me for being so delinquent in posting. I have "checked in" every day, but to be perfectly honest, I really haven't had anything interesting to post about.
I am pretty busy getting the house "in order" for Diane's visit next week. I must be getting old, or maybe it is the hot weather, but it seems to take me all day to complete one room, when I once could clean the entire house in just a couple of hours. I am going to tackle the areas I haven't gotten yet this afternoon. I also don't want to start too early since it will just be yuk again by the time she comes on Wednesday.
The picture is of the quilt I am currently quilting. I actually finished the quilt top last year and started quilting it in a variegated thread. It was horrible, so I proceeded to take it out. You know how awful it is to remove quilting, so I laid it aside, working on it every now and then. I finally completed taking the quilting out last week :-(
I am going to give this one to one of my granddaughters. She is 13 and wanted a quilt with black, pink, green and yellow (I think). This quilt fills the bill---lots of bright colors and it just looks like a teen would love it. I am quilting it in bright green, which makes me a bit apprehensive since the pattern really shows on the black, but I am forging on----it is my hope it will look nice and my slightly off lines will be okay. I purchased a bright lime green to bind it in, so I think it will be cute---sans the wobbly lines of quilting. I am using the "Square Spiral" quilting panto (I think that is the name) that so many of you like. I think it will be great with this quilt since the square spiral is great complement to the pattern. BTW, all of the fabrics are my hand dyes (except the black). The backing is fabric with flip flops, again so appropriate since this granddaughter lives in Florida!
Well, just wanted to check in! Hope you Sunday is a great one (and Happy Father's Day to any Dad's who are reading my blog).


  1. L-O-V-E it, Patricia!! This is so colorful and cute; I know you granddaughter WILL enjoy it!

  2. Great use of the hand dyed fabrics - this is so cheerful, it just makes me smile!!

  3. Love your handdyes and your quilt. I'm sure your granddaughter will love it.

  4. Can't wait to see it finished! I know any teenager would love to have all the bright colors!! It is such a happy quilt it does just make you smile.


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